G-Technology G-Drive 14TB USB 3.1 Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive 0G10427

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CONSTRUCTION: The G-DRIVE 14TB External Hard Drive with Thunderbolt 3 from G-Technology delivers ultra-fast, high performance storage in a stylish, all-aluminum enclosureINTERFACE: This high performance storage solution features dual Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 interfaces and offers high transfer rate of up to 250MB/sCONVENIENT DESIGN: It has an enterprise-class drive speed of 7200RPM. With storage space of up to 14TB, this convenient hard drive allows daisy-chaining for up to five additional devicesMAC OS AND WINDOWS COMPATIBILITY: In today?s creative world, you can walk into many studios and see a blend of Mac OS and Windows based computers as creatives continue to prefer one system over the other. You can make your G-Technology drive Windows compatible whether you?re working with the latest Mac OS or Windows based computerG-TECHNOLOGY AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA Manufacturer Guarantee


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