Son & Park Beauty Cleansing Water, 11.5 Fl Oz

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This best-selling toner and cleansing water from Son & Park creates the perfect base for your routine. It contains willow bark and papaya extract to gently exfoliate dead skin cell from the surface, revealing brighter skin underneath. It provides extra hydration with rose and lavendar water while balancing the natural pH level of the skin.This cleansing water can be used as the second step in your double cleanse routine.Tone & prep skin for the rest of your skincare routine.It has a pH range of 4.5Featured in Ipsy Glam BagSon & Park was created by top celebrity makeup artist who specialized in the dewy and natural makeup trend that has taken over the world.94% Natural Origin: Its natural ingredients make your skin look lively and energetic with no irritation.Cleansing: Its natural ingredients obtained from coconut, corn, potato and wheat perfectly remove the dirtiness from skin.Exfoliating: Its willow bark and papaya ingredients remove unnecessary dead skin cells for clean skin.Moisturizing: Owing to the moisturizing effect of around 20 types of vegetable ingredient, skin gets moist and flexible.


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