Geo F Trumper Coconut Oil Shaving Cream Bowl


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Dreaming of that smooth and perfect shave, while having exceptionally soft and nourished skin? Lather some of the Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream and satisfy your needs! This high-quality product contains glycerin and coconut oil to moisturize and prevent dryness. Glycerin is a compound that also serves as a lubricant to your blade, thus reducing the friction and giving it a slick slide on your face. It also prevents irritation, redness, and abrasions. Use a small quantity to form a rich lather that also nourishes and protects your sensitive skin from bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Coconut oil has components which act as natural antioxidants which prevents cell damage caused by free radicals. Using this rich, moisturizing solution will give your face the nice, smooth, and refreshing feeling it deserves. A product which both serves as a cream and nourishment for the cells? Now that’s perfect!Size: 200 gMade in England.


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